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Nicole Ardanitou.

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An endless passion for music.

Nicole Ardanitou is a 22-year-old vocalist, songwriter and musician from Limassol, Cyprus. In a very young age Nicole discovered that music, and more precisely singing, was a field she wanted to explore and experiment with, so it eventually became her strongest passion. Her school years contained plenty of music as she participated in choirs and also had her own band in the age of fifteen. All those magical feelings and knowledge she could only get from music and performance, led Nicole to her music studies in the University of Surrey (UK).

Her enthusiasm for songwriting was first sparked during the last year of studies until now. She is now ready to release her debut album that is consisted of six original compositions, while her new single ‘’Since Then’’ is almost out. Nicole’s sound is a blend of soul, jazz, and pop and her performances are characterised by improvisation and freedom. At the moment she is a vocal teacher in several music schools in Limassol and performs around Cyprus with her band ‘’Nicole Ardanitou and Friends’’ and ‘’The Tease’’

Nicole Ardanitou
Vocalist, songwriter
and musician.



It all comes to the emotion, freedom and expression.

My new song ”Since Then” draws elements from soul, alternative rock, pop and atmospheric music, however my music influences do not stop there. I listen to a lot of jazz, neo soul, future soul, blues rock and I really appreciate music that gives you freedom and space to improvise.